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If the motor does not begin, the starter motor will function for 5 seconds and then quit. Launch and press the START switch. After many unsuccessful start out attempts, see a Harley­Davidson dealer. Hazard Warning four­Way Flasher The hazard warning switch (5) is Positioned previously mentioned the electrical starter change. This technique makes it possible for a stranded motorcycle to be left in the 4­way flashing method and secured right up until assistance is uncovered. one. With the ignition switch in the IGN or ACC situation, push on the hazard warning triangle to activate the four­way flashers. Take note: If Geared up with the optional security process, the fob have to be current when turning the 4­ way flashers on and when canceling the flashers. two. Transform the ignition to OFF. The four­way flashers will proceed for two hrs or until finally the operation is cancelled by the rider. three. To terminate, switch the ignition to ACC or ON and press the warning triangle above the electric powered starter swap. Engine OFF/RUN Switch See Handlebar Controls. The engine OFF/Operate change (6) turns the motor power on or off. The motor OFF/Operate swap is located on the right handlebar Regulate. Push the prime part of the engine OFF/RUN swap to switch off engine electrical power and shut the engine off. Force the bottom part of the motor OFF/RUN change to permit engine start and run.

"Will not rely on the dual-Cam water-cooled cylinder head to cool the motor mainly because it will not likely prevent motor harm."  See #146 seven.  Question:  What are the cc's in Harley motors?

Solution:  They do make tubeless tires to suit spoke wheels that are actually sealed spokes creating the wheel a sealed air device.  But Should you have regular spoke wheels they are often fixed within the side in the road if you have a lightweight bike so you can elevate the bicycle off the bottom to eliminate the wheel.  Most cruisers are also hefty To do that, so they have to consider "tube inside of a can" or call a tow truck.  I under no circumstances advocate any one to order standard spoke wheels that need an interior tube to inflate the tire.

Solution: You happen to be.  You ought to never place your bicycle on the dyno.  I realize it is common follow these days, however the pressure and pressure in your engine, transmission, body and tires and belt is introduced to punishing and significant company.  Much pressure is placed on the rear wheel the belt can snap in two.  Once more, This is often unsafe given that the belt might not crack and be seriously harmed so you ride away and the belt breaks in site visitors or over the freeway.  It may also wrap round the rear wheel pulley and lock it into a unpleasant skit and crashing or wrap throughout the transmission pulley and snap, bend, warp the transmission shaft, knock the crankshaft outside of stability crack engine/transmission cases.  Nasty things.  Dynos also hurt the rear tire internally and that is why tire producers alert they void the guarantee for those who dyno the bike with their tires put in.  And... engines can split terribly when dyno stress is applied.  It's not at all like driving a motorbike about the street.  The dyno overloads the rear wheel, transmission and motor way further than what you could possibly do within the street.  It is even worse than racing your bike on the drag strip.  Horrific forces are applied through the dyno your motorcycle was by no means intended to endure and that's why you bicycle broke.  Additionally it is why dealers and outlets like dynos for they anxiety your bicycle and you will be back before long enough for repairs.  Moreover, they charged you great dollars for that privilege!  Yes, you'll be able to put in significant functionality parts with no utilizing a dyno.  After you map the ECU you just utilize a Accredited matched profile to your electricity kit installed.  Dynos are getting used to generate profits for individuals who own dynos.  My information should be to try to avoid dynos.  Once we crafted drag racing engines yrs past we didn't have dynos, no person did.

the hand is taken off from the grip. four. Screw the throttle adjustment screw in to increase friction on the grip. This supplies a damping influence on throttle motion. NOTE: The throttle friction adjustment screw ought to not be used under ordinary stop and go functioning disorders. Clutch Hand Lever Do not posture fingers among hand Regulate lever and handlebar grip. Incorrect hand positioning can impair Management lever Procedure and bring about decline of car or truck Regulate, which could end result in Loss of life or severe injury. (00032a) See Handlebar Controls. The clutch hand lever (one) is Positioned on the still left handlebar and is operated with the fingers of the left hand. one. Slowly and gradually pull clutch hand lever in towards handlebar grip to totally disengage clutch. two. Shift to initial gear using the equipment shifter lever. See Gear Shift Lever. three. Slowly and gradually release the clutch hand lever to have interaction clutch. A clutch swap is integrated into the left handlebar change assembly. It enables the rider to get started the automobile in any gear (or in neutral) as long as the clutch lever is pulled in. If the clutch is not disengaged and the auto is in equipment, the motor vehicle will not get started. HORN/TRIP Swap HORN: See Handlebar Controls.

ninety one.  Problem:  Which kind of torque wrench need to I get? Remedy:  The press kind could be the best for bolts 10mm and up in dimensions.  The dial or beam type is used for more compact size read more nuts and bolts due to the fact  it is possible to "really feel" the force remaining used in addition to examining the torque wrench so you will not strip the high-quality nut/bolt threads.  It is a far more Light technique.  The clicking kind is quite brutal and should normally be utilised with more substantial measurement nuts/bolts.  Plus, if you do not listen to the "click" on account of loud new music while in the workspace you can strip the nut/bolt.  It will take some observe making use of torque wrenches as you'll be able to sense excessive strain becoming utilized in all torque wrenches should you concentrate.  The three/8" torque wrench is applied on small measurement nut/bolts as well as 1/2" torque wrench is applied on larger measurements which include 17mm nut/bolts and up.

information relating to all Harley-Davidson challenges in Dilemma & Reply structure.  Not much too complex however... let us preserve it light-weight and fascinating for the normal rider.  On point I guarantee, you can learn a good deal reading these internet pages!

Manufacturing facility authorized manuals are essentially the most full and in-depth source of information outside of your Harley-Davidson dealer.

 See a Harley­Davidson dealer for services. Hydraulic Lifters The hydraulic lifters are self­changing. They mechanically alter length to compensate for motor enlargement and valve system use. This retains the valve mechanism free of lash when the motor is operating. When beginning an engine which has been turned off even for a few minutes, the valve system may be marginally noisy till the hydraulic units absolutely refill with oil. If at any time the valve mechanism turns into abnormally noisy, other than for a limited period instantly after motor is commenced, it is an sign that one or much more of the hydraulic units might not be working properly. Usually Verify the motor oil level initial given that typical circulation of oil by means of the engine is critical for right Procedure of the hydraulic lifters. If motor oil is at the suitable stage, the lifters may possibly not be operating adequately because of dirt in the oil supply passages foremost to the lifter models. See a Harley­Davidson seller for assistance. Steering Head Bearings Changes to steering head bearings really should be done by a Harley­Davidson seller. Improperly adjusted bearings can adversely impact managing and...

Solution: Any time you eliminate the cam cover you will note the outer plastic/nylon tensioner which looks like a orange coloration bit of plastic pressed up towards the outer cam chain.  Whether it is over 0.090" worn, which can be 50 %-way in the tensioner pad content, switch it.  But In addition, you want to interchange the interior tensioner, which can be a way more included procedure.  You got to exchange each, In particular the inner 1 which you can't see as it wears out a lot quicker than the outer tensioner and is probably going at or near The purpose of failure in the event the outer pad is 50 percent-way worn down.

Davidson dealer for brake restore or substitute. Improperly serviced brakes can adversely affect brake efficiency, which could outcome in Dying or significant personal injury. (00054a) Conduct regimen scheduled brake routine maintenance. Absence of servicing at recommended intervals can adversely impact brake general performance, which could outcome in Dying or severe personal injury. (00055a) Be confident wheel and brake caliper are aligned. Riding with a misaligned wheel or brake caliper can lead to the brake disc to bind and lead to decline of Manage, which could final result in Loss of life or significant injury. (00050a) Harley­Davidson has furnished your new motorcycle with the the best possible brake pad friction product accessible. It is selected to give the best overall performance achievable less than dry, moist and higher running temperature disorders.

Remedy:  It is actually usual to the oil amount being down below the middle line of the oil tank when the engine is chilly.  This is because the hot oil has cooled and contracted.

Effortless to function while Using, audio controls are mounted on the left hand swap housing about the left handgrip.

Security Method Security Process Elements The security procedure is made up of a control module, a palms­totally free antenna mounted on the motorcycle and a arms­cost-free fob carried by the rider/passenger. After parking the motorcycle, switch the ignition to OFF or ACCESSORY and the safety technique will quickly arm inside five seconds. Though armed, the starter and ignition are disabled and also the rider may possibly go away the motorcycle recognizing that the module will disable the ignition if someone tampers with the ignition swap or activate an alarm if someone attempts to transfer the motorcycle. If the fob is current, the module will mechanically disarm when the ignition is turned to IGNITION...

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